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Call Centre and Direct Marketing Services

We combine capability and expertise at different countries to provide you tailor-made Call Center and Direct Marketing services. All programs are executed with the most professional technical support and customer service representative.

We engage in the full process of project planning, set up, and fulfillment to ensure everything fits into your protocol. Our Client always enjoys the full benefit of our experience in different regions, technology investment, language support and personnel development within the call center industry.

In bound call service
We provide 7x24 hours in bound call center service. We have the capacity and capability to customize the following in bound call services.

  • Campaign Hotline
  • Merchant Hotline
  • Sales Hotline
  • Gift redemption Hotline
  • Registration Hotline
  • Card/Account Cancellation & Retention hotline
  • Complaint & Retention Hotline

Out bound call service
We provide 7x24 hours out bound call service. We have the capacity and capability to customize the following out bound call services.

  • Tele-research program
  • Tele-questionnaire / Tele-survey
  • Card/Account Activation Program
  • Card/Account Utilization Program
  • Payment reminder Call Service
  • Customer Retention Program
  • Call Collection / Reinstatement Program
  • Telesales (Card Attrition, Card Acquisition, Loan products, etc)
  • Data Verification Program
  • IVRS

Direct Marketing Service
We provide various Direct Marketing Services to rise the prosperity of your marketing campaign. We aim to raise consumer confidence and awareness to your product in a most cost effective and professional manner.

  • Road Show
  • Telemarketing
  • Mailing
  • Fulfillment

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Our Philosophy
is to meet our clients' needs and establish long-term relationships based on quality services, trust and mutual respect. We strive for the best. We believe solitary long-term partnership will benefit your company.

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